VenoTrain® curaflow

Compression therapy for a better quality of life

Impaired drainage in the lymphatic system may cause swelling and edema, which puts pressure on the tissue and can cause inflammation and damage to the skin. Manual lymph drainage (MLD) and compression therapy help decongesting the tissue and prevent conditions such as lymphedema and lipedema from progressing further. The custom-made flat knit VenoTrain curaflow range of products is designed to optimally fit the individual shape of each patient's legs, arms, hands or chest (thorax). The garments provide the appropriate compression that is required and offer patients unique benefits in terms of wearing comfort which is especially important in long-term therapy.

  • Very soft, breathable material with a high microfiber content
  • Uniquely designed comfort zones
  • Extra soft behind the knee
  • Seamless chest area